Baale asks Ogun gov to restrain Fulani herdsmen, says casualties within 8months shows security inefficiency

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Fulani herdsmen carrying arms

Fulani herdsmen have allegedly killed another farmer, late Ajafe, a father of two, in his farm at Olunye-Kakanfo village via Fagbohun in Yewa South Local Government, Ilaro, Ogun State.

An eye witness, Mr Sanyaolu, farmer, while relating the devastating incident said, it was the outcry of late Ajafe that alerted the community of the catastrophe, saying it is high time Gov Abiodun prevented Fulani herdsmen from killing the people of Yewaland.

Another eye witness, Mr Olunye explained that by the time they all rushed to the spot of the outcry, the Fulani herdsmen were seen running away while Ajafe’s macheted lifeless body was found in a farm next to his.

“Ajafe, earlier, asked the Fulani herdsmen not to move the animals into his cassava farm. Perhaps, by the time he returned in the evening and tried to drive away the animals, the herdsmen pounced on him and matcheted him to death.

“Ajafe’s smashed head was a gory thing to behold. Our wives and children are still shivering, they don’t feel safe anymore. It is even difficult for some of us to go to our farms. Now that government has refused to protect us, we will have no other options than to take law into our hands, Olunye protested”.

Chief Simeon Fagbohun, the Baale of Fagbohun village condemned the tragedy, saying it is frustrating that the state government would find it difficult to protect his own people.

“Since the Federal Government has refused to stop the herdsmen and their paid marauders from exterminating us, it is saddening that our dear governor, Prince Dapo Abiodun, has for almost eight months turned a deaf ear to our pleas to save us from the Fulanis.

“In 2018, when we were all before the Commissioner of Police, CP Illyasu, on this same issue, he and the Ilaro Area Commander chose to discuss with the Fulani herdsmen in their native language after which the CP told us that the Fulanis will not harm us again.

“On our way home, one of us who understood the language warned me to be wary of the Fulanis because they have devised a certain strategy to eliminate me.

“Not quite long, Fulani herdsmen petitioned Abuja that we were planning to kill their cattle, within a short time, the Federal Security Service sent investigation team to this village.

“In another scenario when a cow was killed by some strangers, the Commissioner of Police then ordered his men, the Area Commander inclusive, to arrest every one of us in this village until we paid for the dead animal.

“But no matter the number of our people killed by Fulani herdsmen, it is the habit of the FG to look the other way. Reason we are calling on our governor to come to our aid because we so believe in his capacity to protect us against the invasion of the heartless Fulani who rejoices in eradicating us from our land”, Fagbohun lamented.

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